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The Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office partners with educators in our county to provide school security assessments and incident training for the schools within our jurisdiction. Deputies coordinate with Hillsdale County School administrators to maintain a safe learning environment. The Sheriff's Office is actively involved with drills and training exercises to enhance school safety.  The Sheriff's Office coordinates many of these drills with other local law enforcement agencies to provide the best security and response to school incidents.

Over the past ten years, the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office has been involved in in pre-planning, incident response and post-incident recovery table top exercises with Hillsdale County Schools. Numerous drills, assemblies, and hands-on activities stressing school-related safety have been completed and continue to be a priority for the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office.

To participate in a school security assessment or for more information, please call the Sheriff's Office at (517) 437-7317.

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