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Find Your Case/Account Worker

Deputy Friend of the Court - Shaila Arnold

Senior Account Clerk - Shelley Knowlan

Receptionist - Tracy Lawson

Notice Regarding Parenting Time & Holiday Schedules (Addendum A 2022)

Contact Information for your Divorce/Paternity Case

Our office will try to help, in any way that they can, to answer questions concerning your particular case. Understand that they are unable to provide any "legal" advice, and questions concerning legal issues or tax issues must be addressed to the proper professionals in that field. 

Case Workers

If the non-custodial parent's last name begins with... Your Enforcement Worker is...
A -- F Oleisa Moor
G -- N Gwyn Rusk
O -- Z Katie Polito
Questions about the 3 Year Reviews of Child Support

Shaila Arnold

Account Questions

If the non-custodial parent's last name begins with...            Your Account Processor Clerk is...
A -- F Trina Beach
G -- N Shelley Knowlan
O -- Z Dawn Clements

Friend of the Court

15 Care Drive
Hillsdale, MI 49242-5039

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

24 Hour Information Line: 877-543-2660
Telephone: (517)437-4111
Fax: (517) 437-3858

Holidays / Closures

Request(s) to Access FOC Records

Click to read more information concerning the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for public bodies. In the State of Michigan, courts are not considered a “public body” under the law. [MCL §15.232(h)(iv)] The Friend of the Court office is considered an office of the courts and has a form for reviewing information in that office. The external link is provided below:

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Upcoming Meetings

23 Mar 2023;
10:00AM -
Road Commission 2023
23 Mar 2023;
01:00PM -
Department of Health & Human Srvcs 2023
23 Mar 2023;
02:00PM -
Medical Care Facility 2023

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