29 N Howell Street 517-437-7758

2B District Court, State of Michigan

Honorable Megan R. Stiverson, District Court Judge


Court Administrator/Attorney Magistrate - Laura T. Rahe


Telephone: (517) 437-7329
Fax (517) 437-2908

2B District Court Office Information

Hillsdale County Courthouse Annex
49 N. Howell St.
Hillsdale, MI 49242

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


Small claims can be filed in the 2nd District Court, and the following links can provide helpful information.

Small Claims - Self Help(external link)

  • The Michigan Courts web site will assist you in determining if a small claims may be filed and the necessary steps in a proceeding in the Small Claims division of District Court. Just click on the county link for "Hillsdale" to view the information most relevant to your situation.

Motion Fees(pdf format)

  • You may view or print a list of Motion Fees for District Court that are required on all civil cases, including small claims, landlord tenant, and other summary proceedings, except civil infractions. MCL 600.880b(1), 600.2529(1)(e), 600.8371(10).