Hillsdale County Building and Highway Ordinance

(House Numbering)

Ordinance 83-1

AN ORDINANCE to provide for the regulation and coordination
of the numbering of all buildings and names of public streets and roads within
the County of Hillsdale as the statues of this State may allow; to compel the
owners or occupants to affix numbers on their buildings or mail boxes; to
designate and change the names of public streets and roads; and to provide
penalties for the violation of this ordinance. This ordinance is made pursuant
to the authority vested in the Hillsdale County Board of Commissioners in
section 11(m) of Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated, to-wit MCLA

The County of Hillsdale Ordains:

Section 1

(a) The Hillsdale County Board of Commissioners, at a
lawfully held meeting, shall:

(1) Adopt a master plan for the numbering of all
buildings, and the naming of all public streets and roads within the County of
Hillsdale, but such plan shall not contravene the general laws of this state and
shall not interfere with the local affairs of a township, city or village within
the limits of the county as designated by law.

(2) Coordinate the master plan with the local
governmental authorities of each township, city and village within the limits of
the county to insure a uniform system of numbering buildings and naming of
public streets and roads for the general safety, health, welfare and convenience
of the public.

(3) Designated existing of new numbers to all
buildings within the county pursuant to the master plan.

(4) Designate existing or new names to all public
streets or roads within the county pursuant to the master plan.

(5) Inform all owners and occupants of buildings
within the county of changes in numbering of their buildings or names of the
public streets or roads by publication in one (1) or more newspapers of general
circulation in the county prior to this ordinance taking effect.

Section 2

(a) All owners or occupants of buildings within the
County of Hillsdale shall affix his/her number designated by the Hillsdale
County Board of Commissioners pursuant to this ordinance, to his/her mail box if
that mail box is a rural post box and to his/her building if the mail box is
attached to the building or there is no receptacle for mail delivery.

(b) All public streets or roads shall be designated by
signs and the governmental entity with the responsibility for maintaining that
public street or road shall install said sighs indicating existing or new names
as adopted by the Hillsdale County Board of Commissioners pursuant to this

Section 3

It shall be unlawful and punishable for any owner or
occupant of a building within this county not to have affixed his/her designated
number to the building or mail box as provided for in Section 2(a) of this
ordinance. Any person found to be in violation of Section 2(a), upon conviction
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not exceeding
$100.00 and/or imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed 90
days as ordered in the discretion of the court having jurisdiction of said

Section 4

That should any part of this ordinance be held invalid by a
court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining parts shall be severable and
shall continue to be in full force and effect.

Section 5

That this ordinance shall take effect and be in force from
and after 60 days subsequent to the date of adoption.

Adopted this 28th day of June, 1983.

Roll call vote: 8 yes / 1 opposed.

Board of Hillsdale County

By Olin Hinkle, Chairman

Attest: Doris June Pish, Hillsdale County

Approval by Governor James J. Blanchard,
April 30, 1984



These districts are effective for the August and November elections.

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Committee Assignments for 2017

Downloadable version of 2017 BOC Committee Assignments (pdf format)

Mark Wiley, Chairman - District 3
Chair - Management & Personnel

Committee Assignments: Commissioner Appointments, Personnel, Negotiations
Chairman Assignments: District Health Department (Community Health Agency), Drain Commission, Medical Care Facility/DHS Board, Senior Services, Veterans


John Burtka, Vice-Chairman - District 5
Chair - Public Safety/Judiciary
Vice Chair - Personnel Committee

Committee Assignments: Circuit Court/Friend of the Court, Civil Claims, County Medical Examiner, District Court, Insurance, Negotiations, Probate Court, Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff, Animal Control/Humane Society
Chairman Assignments: LifeWays (mental health), South Central Michigan Works Consortium


Ruth Brown - District 1
Chair - Human Services
Vice Chair - Finance & Facilities/Technology & Economic Development

Committee Assignments: Economic Development Partnership, Human Services Network, MSU Extension, MSUE District Advisory Council, Region II Area Agency on Aging
Chairman Assignments: County Planning Commission, Economic Development Partnership


Julie Games - District 2
Chair - Facilities/Technology & Economic Development
Vice Chair - Public Safety

Committee Assignments: Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Building Construction/Renovation, Building Inspection, Environmental Services, Equalization, Equipment,  Information Technology, Geographic Information System (GIS), Maintenance Department, Register of Deeds, Road/Park Commission
Chairman Assignments: Community Action Agency, Emergency Telephone Service Board (E911), Emergency Services

Bruce Caswell - District 4
Chair - Finance
Vice Chair - Human Services Committee

Committee Assignments: Budget, County Clerk, County Treasurer, Fiscal Officer
Chairman Assignments: Ambulance Association, District Health, Fire Chief's Association, LifeWays